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How to Choose a High-quality 3PL service Provider?

What is third-party logistics? Third-party logistics, referred to as 3PL, also known as outsourcing logistics or contract logistics. 3PL refers to a logistics service model that provides customers with special or comprehensive logistics system design, or system operation, independent of both supply and demand.

Demand outlook for third-party logistics


In today’s economic situation, cargo owners or shippers are increasingly pursuing the global integration of supply chains to meet the needs of transnational operations. Multinational companies must rely more on logistics outsourcing because they want to concentrate on their core business.

The operation mode of the 3PL company

One of the operating modes of 3PL companies is the organic integration of e-commerce and third-party logistics.

From the perspective of actual operation, the integration of 3PL and e-commerce mainly includes the following two ways:

One way is that 3PL, as a component of e-commerce, undertakes logistics operations and completes the logistics links in B2B or B2C; It provides an information platform for exchanging information, conducting transactions, and tracking the whole process, so as to realize the close cooperation between e-commerce system and logistics.

Another mode of operation of a third-party logistics company is an integrated logistics agency. The core competence of operation is the design and operation of sales, procurement, coordination management and organization of the integrated logistics agency business.

General speaking,an integrated logistics agency is actually an effective logistics manager. 3PL companies that adopt this model usually have strong strength, comprehensive land and air transportation, and a developed network system, which can provide customers with a full range of services.

What 3PL companies need to have

Therefore, when the freight consignor chooses a 3PL service provider, it also pays attention to the following aspects:

1. Personalized service: provide full logistics services including supply chain logistics, and logistics activities of customized services;

2. Stability of cooperation: logistics cooperation usually takes the form of long-term entrustment;

3. Professional service: modernization of cargo transportation process, system service experience;

4. Value-added services: In addition to general logistics services, value-added logistics services can also be provided.

Based on the above customer needs, 3PL companies not only focus on providing professional services in logistics operations, but also actively cooperate with other external forces in order to provide customers with “faster, better and cheaper” Logistics Services.

Why DM Fulfillment

As a 3PL company in China, DM FULFILLMENT has accumulated 13 years of industry experience. With a mature logistics service system, it covers the warehousing network system in developed countries in Europe and the United States and the source of goods in China, supports the logistics and distribution of global e-commerce, helps e-commerce sellers focus on procurement and sales, and achieves higher business goals. It also provides a wealth of local warehousing, operation and logistics resources around the world to meet the delivery needs of various platforms, sellers and consumers, with easy operation and global delivery.

DM services include:

DM FULFILLMENT value-added services cover door-to-door receipt, transshipment, consolidation, labeling, repackaging, return processing, OEM packaging, etc. There is no limit to the first weight of logistics services, which is suitable for e-commerce small parcels, FBA first-way forwarding, self-delivery and other types. For domestic small and medium-sized cross-border sellers, domestic direct shipments, overseas students, or domestic purchases to destinations, overseas warehousing demand logistics services, DM FULFILLMENT provides global warehousing and global distribution professional process services.

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