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DM Fulfillment Around the World

DM Fulfillment, founded in 2019, is a China domestic eCommerce fulfillment warehousing and value-added service brand under BeiFaYi Group. In mid-2019, based on the market demand, the “DM Warehouse” project team was established; leveraging the existing resources of our global warehouses and capabilities, the DM Warehouse team ran as a standalone company apart from the BeiFaYi’s traditional operations.

We cooperate with cross-border e-commerce platforms, overseas sellers, and many e-commerce companies. At present, the overall maximum daily orders of the DM platform have exceeded 50000 orders, the cumulative number of served customers continues to grow, and channels around the world continue to expand.


Our Board of Team

DM team consists of fulfillment experts with many years of experience in eCommerce and global logistics. We are passionate about providing exceptional customer service for all our merchants.

Our team


The new version of DM order management system 2.0 goes alive, supporting Chinese and English and various business operations with a more accessible system design and user-friendly interface.


DM Order Management System 3.0 goes alive with the integration of TrackingYee Service, which provides global visibility of your parcels shipped by us. Furthermore, we collaborated with GLS-FR and launched the local recycling program for furniture. We believe every “Baby-Step” to support the elimination of CO2 emission counts.


The “ET” Warehouse Management System finished the testing procedure and was released for implementation.

The new warehouse operating system is more convenient, efficient, and comprehensive. The new architecture is fully prepared for the global expansion of DM with large concurrency in the future.


DM Global Homepage and Order Management System 1.0 go alive, with our Facebook and LinkedIn Homepage established simultaneously, sharing the knowledge and news from DM.


BeiFaYi Guangzhou Pick&Pack Operation Center was launched, with an overall space of 10,000 ㎡.

Later the same year, it joined the FBW Programme (Fulfill By Wish). Supporting the business as a picking and distribution center in South China for WISH, with a peak storage volume of more than 3 million pieces and a maximum daily delivery volume of more than 100,000 orders.


DM Platform starts development, DM branding & image are released to the public.

Unlike the original brand, where the business strategy focuses on large and medium-sized customers, the new DM businesses focus on developing and supporting small and medium-sized micro-enterprises with the easiest & intelligent eCommerce Logistics Platform.


The predecessor of DM, the domestic storage and pick&pack service of BeiFaYi group, started operation.

Leveraging a third-party robotic warehouse and the original order management system provides customers with warehousing, operations, and inventory management services. During the first year, its orders reached 1000 parcels per day.


With the growing numbers of new customers, the team decided to switch the operation mode from 3rd party outsourcing to fully self-operating.

This optimized service costs, service standards, service quality for all the valued customers.

Why choose us

  • Professional/Mature/Global/Change with You.
  • DM focuses on providing professional e-commerce fulfillment warehousing solutions. We rely on our mature team and global resources to solve your business needs professionally. More importantly, we firmly believe that what you value is our value. We are constantly changing because of you.
  • More than ten years of experience in e-commerce warehousing operations, Reliable and knowledgeable Global Partners.
  • Continuous testing and screening allow you to select the best product with confidence.
  • Overseas and domestic standards are unified, and the quality of service does not vary with geographical changes.
  • It has a unified standard API interface platform and a continuous rich ERP docking capability.
  • We insist on customized consultancy services. After all, the best solution should be designed specifically for you.

Where can we be found?

France-Le Havre

DM Europe is headquartered in the French seaport city of Le Havre, which mainly carries the French mainland and surrounding countries' customer service tasks and is responsible for the daily management of the French warehousing center.


DM Germany Sales and Operation Center is the newly established DM Europe Branch, which is mainly responsible for the sales service in Germany and the management of the warehouse operation center.


The headquarters of Greater China is located in Guangzhou. It also undertakes the main tasks of system development, product development, and global management and is also the location of our consulting service team.

United States-Los Angeles

Located in Los Angeles, adjacent to the DM West-Southern California warehouse, the DM U.S. Sales and Operations Center is DM's U.S. sales and operations management entity, providing superior solutions and management services to customers in North America.

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DM partners with the most competent team and supply chain professionals to provide our clients with the best shipping experience!

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