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DM Fulfillment Participated in SITL- France Exhibition


SITL, the creator of logistics connections for transport and logistics markets since 1983 is an event not to be missed. This is one of the largest events covering innovative products and services for the Supply Chain, the Freight, and the Logistics industry.

The SITL (Transport and Logistics Innovation Week) week features multimodal representations of various transport modes, including drone, air, rail, sea and road. The information systems section also brings a variety of WMS and TMS software to explore. Enthusiasts belonging to logistics real estate, infrastructures and supply chain management, transport equipment, automation and robotic industries also find a plethora of innovations. 

Delight Me Fulfillment-


We are an eCommerce logistics warehousing and value-added service brand under BeiFaYi Group. We work with cross-border e-commerce platforms, many e-commerce companies, and overseas sellers. Moreover, we are your one-stop third party logistics & ecommerce fulfillment solution!

Our recent Exhibition in France at the SITL

Our DM portal offers 24/7 access to real-time and critical data. We showed clients our latest innovations in shipping, tracking and inventory etc. Our customers with full system integration also had access to the same information. 

We offer a WMS-OMS solution, focusing on key targets of cost and complexity decrease. Our mission behind this solution was also to enable scalability controlling costs. We have worked on order automation through integration that facilitates with same-day shipping. Moreover, it helps us achieve the high possible order of accuracy levels. 

One can use the API Dock in a number of ways, to meet the varying needs of customer channel types. 

DM Fulfillment :What Makes us Different

We specialize in supporting the ecommerce fulfillment needs of Chinese sellers, all through the year. We have completed ten years thus far in the industry and our extensive experience in this field is the driving force behind our new brand “DM Fulfillment”. 

We connect with multiple service providers on a larger scale. Our mission is to enable and facilitate the Omni-channels of operation. Perhaps it is our unique vision and approach that has made DM independent and standalone international platform. 

We focus on providing high-quality fulfillment services around the world. 

Our Global Partners

We carefully selected and partnered with the best teams and suppliers from all over the world. Our partnerships extend far and wide, from domestic shipping services to global express companies.

Social Responsibility

As part of our social responsibility, we partnered with local couriers to provide recycling services in France. We curated a simple order and booking process to collect the recycle products and ship them to our warehouses. Our ultimate goal in doing so was to ensure minimum costs and maximum convenience for every step of recycling.

What to Expect from DM

We have quickly expanded into a global network comprising of more than ten warehouses. We have a unified system of operations, firmly abiding by the same standards, requirements and systems. However, our passion for improving continuously within our fields helps us promise our clients one thing: “the best is yet to come.”

Our services include:

1.Providing rent-free period up to thirty days, as well as access to our operation centers and warehouses around the world to meet your business needs. 
2.We also offer you the chance to store your goods in our warehouses and leverage our pick and pack services to support your orders. We have an Omni-channel approach for all kinds of products in logistics. 
3.Our system connectivity includes a standard API available for connection. We constantly add to our ERP and ecommerce platforms for holistic solutions. 
4.If you’re not a standard ecommerce business, you can enjoy our custom-made, end to end logistics solutions. 


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