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Everything You Need to Know about DM Fulfillment!

everything you need to know about DM fulfillment

Being part of the BeiFaYi Group, DM Fulfillment was established in 2019 as just a warehouse and value-added service brand for China’s leading e-Commerce Logistics. The “DM Warehouse” project team was formed in mid-2019 in response to market demand, which used the existing resources and capabilities of our worldwide warehouses to work as a separate business from BeiFaYi’s usual operations.

The “DM” brand was registered as a Trademark in the first half of 2020. Combination among many years of expertise managing warehouses in other countries, the “ET” inventory system, and the “DM” order management system. We partner with cross-border e-commerce marketplaces, worldwide merchants, and a large variety of e-commerce businesses.

Customers covered and channels throughout the globe continue to rise, with a daily average order volume of more than 50,000 orders on the DM platform.

What exactly do we have?

At DM, we specialize in offering competent e-commerce logistics and storage solutions to our customers. We depend on our skilled staff and worldwide capabilities to provide superior services to your business demands. More significantly, we are adamant that what you value is really what we value, and vice versa. We are continuing to evolve as a result of your influence.

1. More than 10 years of practice in the storage and transportation of e-commerce commodities

2. Consistently dependable and knowledgeable Partners on a global level

3. With continuous testing and screening, you can be confident in your decision to purchase the finest product.

4. International and local standards are the same, and the level of service does not differ depending on where you are in the world.

5. It is equipped with a unified standard API interface platform as well as a continuous rich ERP docking feature.

We emphasize on providing consulting services that are tailored to our clients’ needs. After all, the optimal solution should be tailored particularly to your needs and requirements.

We emphasis on providing consulting services that are tailored to our clients’ needs. After all, the optimal solution should be tailored particularly to your needs and requirements.
Stephen Deng

Do you know where we are?

France-Le Havre is a port city in FranceDM Europe has its headquarters in the French seaport city of Le Havre, and it is primarily responsible for customer support on the French mainland and in neighboring countries, as well as for the day-to-day operation of the French warehouse facility.

Germany-Hamburg. DM It is the newly founded DM Europe Branch, which is primarily responsible for the sales service in Germany as well as the administration of the warehouse operating center.

China-Guangzhou. Guangzhou is home to the headquarters of the Greater China Organization. It also serves as the primary site for our system development, product development, and worldwide management teams, as well as the headquarters for our consulting services group.

Los Angeles, California, United StatesThe DM U.S. Sales and Operations Center, which is located in Los Angeles, close to the DM West-Southern California warehouse, serves as DM’s sales and operations management organization in the United States, delivering better solutions and management services to clients across North America.

 Are you ready to map out your path to Ecommerce success? Are you ready to identify your path to Ecommerce success?

DM Fulfillment is your one-stop shop for all of your logistics and shipping needs! We will ensure that your last-mile delivery is a success by using our warehouse operations. Team up with us for the most dependable inventory management and warehouse management systems.
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