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Make Your eCommerce A Success with DM Fulfillment

DM Fulfillment specializes in eCommerce logistics and warehouse operations. We are the most dependable e-commerce fulfillment center, offering affordable, reliable, and fast-reacting order shipment solutions. The fulfillment centers located in Shenzhen, USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, handle orders constantly exceeded 10000 packages from the world.

At DM Fulfillment, we partner with the most competent team of inventory managers and supply chain professionals to ensure all our customers receive an efficient and dependable eCommerce fulfillment solution.

With DM, You can Experience 1st Parcel Freely

Whether you’re a startup or a medium-sized enterprise, you can count on our logistics & shipping solutions for taking your online services to the next level. Offering a unique mix of high-quality warehouse and inventory management facilities, we can facilitate subscription box companies, small businesses, and a variety of Crowdfunding campaigns in our 3pl warehouses.

We believe in customization when it comes to accelerating your eCommerce business. Once you place the order, our professionally trained team picks and packs the products accurately to ship. Our competent warehouse team makes sure each product reaches the customer safely in pristine condition.

Experience the 1st parcel freely now!

“DM Fulfillment values your money. Get 30 days free storage of our fulfillment centers whether you’re a large e-commerce entity or “mom and pop” shop!”

What We Do

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Make your logistics & shipping hassle-free with DM Fulfillment!

Pick & Pack

eCommerce order fulfillment is impossible without pick and pack. To meet consumer expectations and fulfill orders, pickup and pack personnel are essential, and firms must continue to optimize processes to ensure that their job is done swiftly, precisely, and cost-effectively.

All you need is to brief our team on your requirements and let us make inventory management and shipping stress-free. Our automated order fulfillment system ensures efficiency and accuracy when it comes to picking & packing. 

WMS Management

Boost your inventory management with our warehouse efficiency!

DM WMS keeps tabs on and regulates the day-to-day activities of the warehouse. Using our software, you can make sure that your inventory is handled as efficiently as possible from the time it is received, stored, picked, packaged, shipped, and refilled.

At DM Fulfillment, we ensure keeping an active and material flow control of all processes in the warehouse with our high-performance WMS. Thanks to our WMS, unrivaled configurability allows us to customize the software to work with all our existing processes to help us manage your inventory and fulfill orders.

Returns Management

Returns management is one of DM Fulfillment’s fortes. Customer satisfaction is what we focus on.

At DM Fulfillment, you can get the most dependable and hassle-free returns management. Providing a handy eCommerce fulfillment, our team uses multiple procedures to manage returns while ensuring process efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and time management.

We are pro at handling product returns (multiple categories) including exchanges for colors, sizes, quality, relabeling, and assessments. Regarding Return management, we might want to reinforce that we are experts on FBA/Amazon Return with capability in relabeling/repacking services that are frequently used by sellers. For other returns, we are also capable and system-managed. But testing might be something we want to avoid.

Global Warehouses

Looking for ecommerce fulfillment warehouse close to ports?

Count on our multi warehousing to store your goods in various warehouse locations. Our pros are experienced and trained professionals in handling over 10000 pieces in one day. Regardless of the warehouse location you choose, you can still have a one-point-of-contact to take end-to-end responsibility for order fulfillment services.

Warehouse Operation & Warehouse Location

We are the global shipping network offering problem-solving logistics & shipping services around the world. We run 10 + warehouse operations in, Europe, North America, China, and Australia, providing 30 days of Rent Free with same-day shipping.

Get in touch with our experienced consultants to learn more about professional warehouse management and how can you get the best inventory & shipping solutions at cheaper rate!

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